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About Us


Our Mission


Tula is a Sanskrit word meaning balance. At Tula Yoga, our mission is to create an environment where you can experience balance and relaxation in the midst of your busy life. We welcome people of all ages, sizes, shapes, backgrounds and ability. Our goal at Tula Yoga is to provide an exceptional experience in a supportive and fun atmosphere that promotes growth and community for our students. Created by Jennifer Cavalieri & Jen Guarino Tula Yoga offers a variety of yoga, wellness, and fitness classes that allow students to deepen their connection to their body, mind and soul. 

Our Story

As childhood best friends turned business owners and entrepreneurs, we wanted to create a studio that offered all types of yoga & fitness in one space. A modern approach to yoga that is steeped in ancient wisdom and tradition. We envisioned a community where like minded people could connect,  become friends, and have a place to practice that felt like home. In 2013 Tula Yoga was born. With determination and passion we built not only a business but also a powerful community that continues to empower & inspire each other. Tula Yoga has evolved into a recognized Yoga & Wellness center in the Tri-State area and a leading Yoga Teacher Training school. 

Founders/ Jen Guarino & Jennifer Cavalieri


As childhood best friends turned business owners and entrepreneurs, we wanted to create a studio that offered all types of yoga & fitness in one space. A modern approach to yoga that is steeped in ancient wisdom and tradition. Since 2013 Tula Yoga has evolved into a recognized Yoga & Wellness center in the Tri-State area and a leading Yoga Teacher Training school.


Our Instructors at Tula Yoga are versed in the many styles of Yoga so our students are able to explore and develop a practice unique to themselves. Each one of our experienced Yoga & Barre instructors bring their own personal approach to their classes, yet all contain the same passion to educate, inspire, and share the practice with others.

Our Staff


Jennifer Cavalieri

Jennifer Cavalieri is an international yoga instructor, meditation teacher and the co-founder of Tula Yoga. Following her heart and intuition, Jennifer decided to leave her marketing career in 2010 to pursue a new path. She has since created a successful yoga business, sustained by determination and hard work, and guided by the ethics that come from practicing and living yoga. Her mission is to share these practices on and off the mat to help others find balance, peace, and a life filled with passion and purpose.
She is the creator and director of Tula Yoga’s teacher training school and has trained hundreds of yoga students over the past decade. Since 2013, Tula’s yoga teacher training has remained one of the Tri-State area's leading programs. Many of Tula’s graduates are sharing yoga, meditation, and other healing modalities that are helping people all around the world.
Jennifer first became certified to teach yoga in 2010 with Claire Diab at The American Yoga Academy. From there she has spent over a decade studying Yoga & Meditation with various styles & teachers, from Deepak Chopra , Alan Finger, Jillian Pransky , Sarah Finger, and Jason Crandall. Always a student, her own journey of personal development continues to inform her teachings. She loves teaching mindful movement classes with a strong emphasis on listening to your body and moving intuitively with your breath. Her teaching style encourages transformation, healing, and self-acceptance. In addition to weekly classes at Tula Yoga, Jennifer teaches private lessons, corporate events & seminars, and international retreats and trainings.


Shana Cinquegrana

Shana began her yoga practice in 2003 with Bikram but has "flowed" into vinyasa in more recent years. She has been teaching a playful mix of these 2 styles for 5 years. A deeply curious seeker and dedicated student both on and off the mat, shana believes yoga provides the tools to inhabit our bodies joyfully and transition through life with ease. Shana's classes are lighthearted but challenging. She guides students to plant the seeds to go deeper next time, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. Shana is also a graphic artist and illustrator.

"Yoga will illuminate all aspects of life. We all have a unique relationship to our bodies and our own spiritual journey. It's my hope that we stay curious, keep seeking and enjoy the ride together with compassion and kindness...first for yourself and then for EVERYBODY else."


Denise Vernieri

 Always willing to try something new, Denise first decided to try yoga when she was 18. With her first class in 2000, she fell in love with all that was yoga. Immediately attracted to the philosophy of yoga, she sought to cultivate the peace she found on her mat, off of it as well. In the years that followed, Denise became a high school English teacher/adjunct professor, but continued to practice and study yoga. In 2011, she decided to deepen her practice by completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Kula-Kamala and completed her 500ytt at Tula. She brings over a decade of experience to 200/300 yoga teacher trainings at Tula as well as her 6-month Yoga Teacher Mentorship.  She is a also a life and business coach helping other coaches and yoga teachers create businesses that are full of impact and service. Her yoga classes are creative, vibrant, yet light-hearted as she moves the class safely through postures. Along with teaching yoga, she considers one of her most awesome responsibilities is being a mother to her 3 kiddos.

Denise Vernieri.jpg

Anita Shukla-Accardi

Anita considers her first teacher to be her mother, who shared with her during her childhood the great epics of hinduism, mala meditation, vedic chanting, and the practice of asana. She began practicing meditation in high school, around the same time she decided she wanted to pursue psychotherapy as a career. In her early 20's she began practicing asana regularly as a way to both further her meditation practice and cope with the stress of working in the field of mental health. After graduating with a MSW from Rutgers, working with the profoundly suffering individuals, and having 2 beautiful children, she felt it was time to deepen the practices that helped to heal and guide her on her own journey by going through yoga teacher training. After over 20 years of practice, and over 15 years of work in mental health, she completed both her 200 and 500 hour trainings at Tula Yoga. For Anita, being a yoga teacher means being a lifelong (or many lives long) student, and she continues to study the path of Raja Yoga in the Himalayan tradition and with Sahaj Marg. Her teaching style reflects her desire to help students to heal, feel relaxed, and experience personal growth. She loves all types of yoga, but most loves to teach meditation, restorative yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra, and therapeutic yoga. She often integrates the use of aromatherapy, reiki, and manual assists in her classes to care for her students and help them to connect with their own power to heal... mind, body, and spirit.

Anita Shukla-Accardi.jpg

Izabelle Tortu

Belle started her yoga journey being very curious, first practicing at home until she felt confident to do yoga in studios. Her yoga path started in 2018, and after taking a few classes, she knew it was what she was meant to do. Belle deepened her practice of yoga and meditation and saw all the physical and mental benefits it brought to her life. She is a young spirit, funny woman, who knows that her mission is to improve people’s lives. During the Spring of 2020, she decided it was time for her to do the 200hr teacher training at Tula, so she could share this beautiful practice with the world. Her classes are for all levels and she loves connecting, getting to know her students and prioritizing their well-being.


Debi Brando

As a fitness instructor for over a decade, Debis intention is to encourage individuals of EVERY fitness level to participate and ultimately complete her classes feeling a sense of accomplishment and determination to continue on a healthy lifestyle path. Debi is a certified 500 hour Yoga Instructor through Tula Yoga, Certified in Barre Fitness through Barre Tribecca, and an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor. 

Debi Brando.jpg

Danielle Meany

Danielle has always been a lover of fitness. She started a yoga practice as a way to become more flexible but quickly realized that yoga was so much more - a perfect way to align her body, mind and soul. Yoga was life changing for Danielle and inspired her to become a teacher so that she could help others improve their physical and mental wellness. She earned her 200 & 300 Hour Certification through Yoga Alliance at Tula Yoga under the instruction of its owner Jennifer Cavalieri. She is also a Certified Barre Fitness Instructor. Danielle truly believes that yoga & fitness is for everyone and she strives to create classes that work for all participants. Her goal for her students is to leave their practice feeling stronger, calmer and ready to take on the world!

Danielle Meany.jpg

Melissa Cannarozzo

Melissa began her yoga practice eight years ago, when Tula first opened its doors, and quickly fell in love with the physical and mental benefits of the practice. She continued to practice throughout high school and college. After spending a few years living in Philadelphia, she has returned back to the Garden State with a Barre-Teaching Certification and recently completed her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Tula. Melissa likes to combine the power movements of barre with the lengthening and strengthening aspects of yoga. Her goal is to help students feel confident in their bodies and balanced in their minds

melissa C.jpg

Ally Reyes

Alexandra (or Ally) discovered yoga at 18. At that point in her life, she felt lost. Yoga started to bring her home to herself. It began with a physical practice, but very quickly Ally discovered the deep connection to her body mind and soul again! Discovering Tula in 2017, Ally fell in love with the space. She began working as a karma yoga and eventually graduated from Tula’s 200 and 300 RYT trainings. Always dreaming of helping people, Ally finally found the path how. She finds deep gratitude and fulfillment in being able to guide people through their yoga practices and in life. She is an Angelic Reiki practitioner as well. Ally teaches with the intention that her classes will inspire others to expand on their journey just as her yoga practice has done for her. 


Jana Kamberov

Jana started practicing yoga several years ago and found this new world full of love, positive energy, comfort, and peace. Deeply inspired by her teacher, Jodi Kobrin, Jana discovered her great passion for aerial yoga. She couldn’t resist the desire to explore it further and share it with others. Her journey began when she accomplished the FLY & Release Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at Tula Yoga in March 2018. Once this inner flame was ignited, the thirst to build her knowledge in yoga lead Jana to complete her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in January 2019. Throughout this ongoing journey, Jana has respect and appreciation to all inspiring teachers in Tula Yoga, especially Jennifer Cavalieri, Denise Vernieri, Anita Shukla-Accardi, and Nicole Cunicella, whom all are contributors to the growing flame from within. Jana continued on her journey and has now completed her 300 Hour Teacher Training at Tula and Yin Yoga Training. Jana believes that she can support people through yoga. Her classes provide friendly and positive atmosphere. She embraces the idea that our bodies are the temples of our souls. Her message to everyone is to open their hearts to the real meaning of life and take it as a spiritual experience; living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

Jana Kamberov.jpg

Leah Kleiner

Leah graduated from Tula 200hr YTT in 2017, and has been practicing yoga for over a decade.  With a passion for connection, her goal is to make every person feel welcome: not only within her classes, but within their own bodies.  Leah views yoga as a journey of coming home to yourself, and makes it her mission to allow everyone to have an experience that is unique to them.  Leah’s experience and knowledge as a licensed massage therapist allows for clear instruction to get the most out of the physical aspects of her classes, while infusing mindfulness and spirituality as well.  From gentle to restorative to vinyasa, Leah’s classes are welcoming to all levels and incorporate body, mind, and soul. 

Leah Kleiner.jpg

Lauren Guiamano

Lauren started on her path to wellness as a way to destress from a chaotic profession as an 911 EMD First Responder and gain back strength after several orthopedic surgeries, including knee, back, abdominal and most recently shoulder and bicep surgery Feb. 2020. She began her practice March 2018 and was instantly hooked. Not only has she developed a yoga practice that she is proud of physically, but has also expanded emotionally and spiritually. She is a graduate of Tula’s Yoga Teacher Training June 2021 and is certified through Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200 teacher, as well as receiving her barre certification thought International Ballet Barre Fitness Association. Lauren is honored to share her practice with you. Whether it is coming home to the basics or challenging students to try something new, Lauren’s classes inspire students to come as they are and foster their untapped potential. Strength and endurance is her niche, but can tailor any class to the students’ needs. “Change will not change unless there is change".


Lea Ostner

Lea became a practitioner of yoga in 2012. She loves the outdoors, communing with others, and the water. She received her 200hr training at Tula Yoga in 2021, followed by her Fly and Release aerial training in 2022. Lea utilizes breath work, guided meditation, reiki, and sound baths during her classes.


Dana Occhiogrosso 

After joining Tula in 2017, Dana was able to deepen her yoga practice. The wisdom of Tula’s teachers and open-hearted community kept her coming back. She decided that the gift of yoga was something she wanted to share. She went on to complete her 200hr and 300hr yoga training at Tula. She is also barre and aerial yoga certified. Dana has a passion for helping others. She believes that yoga is an embodied experience that brings freedom to the body and mind. Dana aims to help you find your freedom within.


Lauren K

Lauren discovered the healing & restorative power of yoga through Ayurveda.  After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, she left her career as an international event planner to found Holistic Wellness where she provides counseling services for women who are ready to take control of their health and reconnect with their authentic self. 


Through the use of Ayurvedic Nutrition, Usui & Angelic Reiki, Gentle & Yin Yoga, Sound Healing, Crystals & Essential Oils, Lauren works with women to assess their health needs, set intentions around their mind, body, & spirit goals, and establish accountability to make sure ideal health is regained.  Her mission is to help women regain balance and live a life filled with joy, passion and good health.


When not teaching, Lauren can be found tending to her ever growing collection of houseplants or trying to perfect her gluten-free muffin recipe.



Abby has been working in the fitness and wellness industry for 18 years. She has her certifications in Personal Training, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Group Exercise Instruction with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also holds certifications in Spin, Zumba, AfAA Mat Pilates, Senior Fitness, Rezist, American Barre Technique and most recently, completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Tula Yoga.


She has been active in sports from gymnastics to playing soccer in college and competing in numerous road races, bike rides and triathlons. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors, hiking, gardening and fishing and spending time with her family. Her goal is to help her students build strength and endurance as well as aspire to live healthy, active lifestyles.



Wayne was born in the beautiful twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and moved to the US to attend college. He graduated with a BBA in Finance. After spending several years at various Wall St firms he now works in government services. Wayne stumbled upon yoga at a local gym and has been practicing for about ten years. He took a leap of faith and decided to do a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Seed of Life NJ in conjunction with Robert Woods Johnson.
The Teacher Training was initially intended to just deepen his practice and assist him with becoming a better yogi. But after he graduated he realized it would be entirely selfish to not share the knowledge he gained with others. 800 Teaching hours later he decided to do an additional 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Tula Yoga. 

Now a 500 hour teacher through Yoga Alliance, Wayne is passionate about the breath (pranayama) and linking the breath with movement during practice. He brings a sense of calm and peace into his classes, is always encouraging to new students, and loves seeing his students grow. 


Nicole Kline

Tula Assistant Manager

Nicole began taking yoga classes in college as a way to stay active and fit. It wasn’t until a few years after college that she began practicing in a way that awakened her to the many benefits and rich history and culture of yoga. To Nicole, yoga has been a form of self-discovery. She completed her 200 Hour Certification at Tula Yoga in Aberdeen, NJ. Her goal is to provide a physical, emotional, and spiritual space for students to find ease and simplicity in “being” through movement and mindfulness while promoting gratitude and growth.

Nicole Kline.jpg
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