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“Tula” is a Sanskrit word meaning balance. At Tula Yoga, our mission is to create an environment where you can experience balance and relaxation in the midst of your busy life. Tula Yoga is complete health and wellness studio offering Yoga, Hot Yoga, Barre, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, and Reiki. We offer 40 + weekly classes, monthly workshops, retreats, teacher training’s, and continuing education for Yoga teachers. We welcome people of all ages, sizes, shapes, backgrounds and ability. Our goal at Tula Yoga is to provide an exceptional experience in a supportive and fun atmosphere that promotes growth and community for our students.

Our Story

Everyone’s dream is to have a career doing what they love. Best friends since kindergarten, Jennifer Cavalieri and Jen Guarino are living that dream! After college they both spent several years in a variety of creative industries developing a passion for turning their ideas into reality. During this time, Jennifer also acquired a deep love for practicing and teaching Yoga. Following her heart and intuition she decided to leave her marketing career and pursue a new path. Soon after, with the support of her best friend, Jennifer and Jen began to create a shared vision of Yoga & Community. They wanted to open a studio that would allow students to discover and practice many different styles of Yoga in one space. In 2013 Tula Yoga was born.


Together they’ve created a welcoming studio respecting Yoga’s history while embracing new styles of Yoga & Fitness. Jen’s talent and passion for design perfectly frames Jennifer’s teaching style. Their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of teaching, space and facilities has resonated with the local community, resulting in being voted best Yoga Studio in Monmouth county 4 years running.

Founders/ Jen Guarino & Jennifer Cavalieri

Our Instructors at Tula Yoga are versed in the many styles of Yoga so our students are able to explore and develop a practice unique to themselves. Each one of our experienced Yoga & Barre instructors bring their own personal approach to their classes, yet all contain the same passion to educate, inspire, and share the practice with others.

Our Staff

Jennifer Cavalieri

For over a decade, Jennifer has been serving the community through the practice of yoga, a journey that has changed her life forever. She is the co- founder of Tula Yoga, and has recently been voted Best Yoga teacher in Monmouth County. Always a student, Jennifer has completed over 500 hours of Yoga training as well as additional certifications in Meditation, Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Pilates, and Reiki. Over the last 10 years she has trained hundreds of Yoga teachers, first as the Director of Teacher Training at the American Yoga Academy, and for the last 6 years as the creator and lead trainer of Tula’s 200 & 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Jennifer embraces the philosophy of yoga and sculpts her classes to her student’s specific needs, while focusing on bringing union to mind, body and soul. Jennifer’s teaching combines’ hands-on adjustments with clear, intuitive verbal cues. She aims to encourage her students to deepen their understanding of their practice within a nurturing, caring, and safe environment and to impart a feeling of being in sync with your body, not pushing it. She believes that when you stop pushing your body and instead begin to flow with it, that the feeling of connectedness that stems from that flow will seep into other parts of your life as well. As it has with her.

In addition to weekly classes, Jennifer teaches private lessons, corporate events, workshops, international retreats, and trainings.


Lauren Cap

Lauren is a yoga teacher, therapy ball enthusiast, and wellness writer who also works full time in the healthcare field. She received her 200hr YTT certification from Prana Power Yoga in New York City in 2010. Her passion for anatomy started when she completed her Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training with Jill Miller in 2013. Following her certification, Lauren has studied YTU Embodied Anatomy and is certified and trained in The Roll Model Method techniques. She has also studied 100 hrs of Meta Anatomy with Kristin Leal and Quantum Leap, a biomechanics and kinesiology training with Sarah Court in New York City. Lauren is determined to continue her education as a promise to create an inspiring, safe, and powerful experience for her students.

Jodi Kobrin

Jodi was introduced to aerial arts as a little girl watching circus after circus. It wasn’t until she was on a yoga & hooping retreat she got her hands on an aerial hammock. Something extraordinary happened in that moment. Years of exploration on the hammock, she went on to take many aerial trainings. Noticing there was something missing, Jodi saw the need to create Fly & Release Aerial Yoga Training. Without a doubt, yoga was the catalyst to aerial arts finding her. Jodi shares her love of aerial yoga, yoga and hooping through classes, workshops, trainings and privates. She is a visionary and active proponent of whole hearted living and empowering others to being their best self. Her classes combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. She seeks to help others to thrive in life by nurturing their body, mind and soul with the art of yoga and flying.

Anita Shukla-Accardi

Anita considers her first teacher to be her mother, who shared with her during her childhood the great epics of hinduism, mala meditation, vedic chanting, and the practice of asana.  She began practicing meditation in highschool, around the same time she decided she wanted to pursue psychotherapy as a career.  In her early 20’s she began practicing asana regularly as a way to both further her meditation practice and cope with the stress of working in the field of mental health.  After graduating with an MSW from Rutgers, working with profoundly suffering individuals, and having 2 beautiful children, she felt it was time to deepen the practices that helped to heal and guide her on her own journey by going through yoga teacher training.  After over 20 years of practice, and over 15 years of work in mental health, she completed both her 200 and 500 hour trainings at Tula Yoga. For Anita, being a yoga teacher means being a lifelong (or many lives long) student, and she continues to study the path of Raja Yoga in the Himalayan tradition and with Sahaj Marg.  Her teaching style reflects her desire to help students to heal, feel relaxed, and experience personal growth.  She loves all types of yoga, but most loves to teach meditation, restorative yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra, and therapeutic yoga.  She often integrates the use of aromatherapy, reiki, and manual assists in her classes to care for her students and help them to connect with their own power to heal… mind, body, and spirit.

Denise Vernieri

 Always willing to try something new, Denise first decided to try yoga when she was 18. With her first class in 2000, she fell in love with all that was yoga. Immediately attracted to the philosophy of yoga, she sought to cultivate the peace she found on her mat, off of it as well. In the years that followed, Denise became a high school English teacher/adjunct professor, but continued to practice and study yoga. In 2011, she decided to deepen her practice by completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Kula-Kamala and completed her 500ytt at Tula. She brings over a decade of experience to 200/300 yoga teacher trainings at Tula as well as her 6-month Yoga Teacher Mentorship.  She is a also a life and business coach helping other coaches and yoga teachers create businesses that are full of impact and service. Her yoga classes are creative, vibrant, yet light-hearted as she moves the class safely through postures. Along with teaching yoga, she considers one of her most awesome responsibilities is being a mother to her 3 kiddos.

Dana Tosk

Dana walked into a yoga class almost 10 years ago thinking she was just there to stretch her lower back. Little did she know the entire course of her life was about to change. Yoga has brought joy to her life, compassion to her heart, and peace to her soul. She is thrilled to share her enthusiasm for yoga and fitness with her students. She believes no class is complete without working up a cleansing sweat. Dana completed the 200 hour teacher training in 2019 at Tula Yoga and is a certified Barre Instructor through International Ballet Barre Fitness. When she is not on the mat or the barre, she can be found being a mommy to her three young children.

Debi Brando

As a fitness instructor for over a decade, Debis intention is to encourage individuals of EVERY fitness level to participate and ultimately complete her classes feeling a sense of accomplishment and determination to continue on a healthy lifestyle path. Debi is a certified 500 hour Yoga Instructor through Tula Yoga, Certified in Barre Fitness through Barre Tribecca, and an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor. 

Danielle Meany

Danielle has always been a lover of fitness. She started a yoga practice as a way to become more flexible but quickly realized that yoga was so much more - a perfect way to align her body, mind and soul. Yoga was life changing for Danielle and inspired her to become a teacher so that she could help others improve their physical and mental wellness. She earned her 200 & 300 Hour Certification through Yoga Alliance at Tula Yoga under the instruction of its owner Jennifer Cavalieri. She is also a Certified Barre Fitness Instructor. Danielle truly believes that yoga & fitness is for everyone and she strives to create classes that work for all participants. Her goal for her students is to leave their practice feeling stronger, calmer and ready to take on the world!

Gina Connors

Gina began practicing yoga to exercise and build strength, but quickly fell in love with the way yoga created a calmness that she was able to cultivate long after a practice. She practiced for three years and was fascinated with the philosophy of yoga, and how much her practice was impacting her life. She wanted to learn more about yoga so she completed her 200 & 300 hour YTT certification with Yoga Alliance at Tula Yoga as well as her Barre Certification. Her teaching style is detailed, fun and creative with focus on connecting movement to breathe. She loves creative sequences, pranayama breathing techniques, and mindfulness and meditation. Gina hopes her classes will create the calmness she fell in love with and she is living her dream by sharing her passion of yoga.

Monica Campbell

Monica began her Yoga journey in 2010 to relieve lower back pain but found yoga to be much more than just stretching. After practicing Yoga for 8 years and realizing not only the physical benefits but also the mental, she became inspired to pass along her love and gratitude for yoga to others. Yoga and the instructors that crossed Monica’s path have had a positive influence on her, always making her feel amazing inside and out, and guiding her to live in the present moment which she hopes is conveyed in her teachings. Monica uses the Philosophy of Yoga - uniting mind, body, and spirit - in her classes and creates a light-hearted environment. She believes Yoga is for everyone and incorporates alternatives to poses based on students’ strengths and abilities. She continues to be a student and practices yoga and meditation regularly. Monica completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Tula Yoga and is a White Light Reiki Expert. Off the mat, Monica enjoys going to the movies, golfing, traveling, and spending time with her husband and two children.

Jana Kamberov

Jana started practicing yoga several years ago and found this new world full of love, positive energy, comfort, and peace. Deeply inspired by her teacher, Jodi Kobrin, Jana discovered her great passion for aerial yoga. She couldn’t resist the desire to explore it further and share it with others. Her journey began when she accomplished the FLY & Release Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at Tula Yoga in March 2018. Once this inner flame was ignited, the thirst to build her knowledge in yoga lead Jana to complete her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in January 2019. Throughout this ongoing journey, Jana has respect and appreciation to all inspiring teachers in Tula Yoga, especially Jennifer Cavalieri, Denise Vernieri, Anita Shukla-Accardi, and Nicole Cunicella, whom all are contributors to the growing flame from within. Jana continued on her journey and has now completed her 300 Hour Teacher Training at Tula and Yin Yoga Training. Jana believes that she can support people through yoga. Her classes provide friendly and positive atmosphere. She embraces the idea that our bodies are the temples of our souls. Her message to everyone is to open their hearts to the real meaning of life and take it as a spiritual experience; living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

Leah Kleiner

Leah began practicing yoga over 6 years ago. She quickly realized that the practice of yoga is not just a form of exercise, but a way of life. Yoga began to transform her world view, and became a source of comfort, both spiritually and emotionally as well. Through her journey she has been inspired by many teachers and different styles of yoga and meditation, and came to learn the importance of breathwork and mindfulness within her yoga practice. As an experienced licensed massage therapist, Leah combines her knowledge and passion for anatomy, alignment and body movement with light heartedness and spirituality to provide a true mind, body and soul experience. She encourages students to embrace where they are in their journey with self-love, while still challenging them to step into unknown territory and following their intuition, in order to grow within their own practice. Leah loves to absorb knowledge and share what she learns with others, thus bringing new techniques and knowledge to her students on a regular basis. Leah has completed her 200 hour training at Tula Yoga in Aberdeen NJ. She is currently a 200 Hr RYT, and level 2 Reiki certified.

Nicole Kline

Tula Assistant Manager

Nicole began taking yoga classes in college as a way to stay active and fit. It wasn’t until a few years after college that she began practicing in a way that awakened her to the many benefits and rich history and culture of yoga. To Nicole, yoga has been a form of self-discovery. She completed her 200 Hour Certification at Tula Yoga in Aberdeen, NJ. Her goal is to provide a physical, emotional, and spiritual space for students to find ease and simplicity in “being” through movement and mindfulness while promoting gratitude and growth.

Catharine Bonin

Catharine has been practicing yoga for 15 years and completed her 200 hour certification at Tula Yoga. Her love for health, fitness and overall wellness can be felt during her creative classes. She takes time to develop classes targeting students’ needs to help build strength in mind and body. Her belief is that one’s practice on the mat affects one’s everyday life off the mat. She incorporates a sense of body and mind awareness through physically challenging classes encouraging students to use their breathe to create calm during any chaos in life. As a student and a teacher, her mission is to foster a community of kindness, being good to one another, to the world, and most importantly to ourselves. She believes that yoga provides a deeper sense of self, presence, compassion, and patience. The best teachers remain lifelong students, therefore Catharine practices and creates thoughtful and unique vinyasa flow classes. Catharine’s mission is to encourage and inspire her students to stay present in all they do.

Lisa Mandragona 

A 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Lisa continues her own Asana practice and training. Lisa’s extensive training includes Iyengar Yoga, Restorative and Hatha Yoga Alignment as well as Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Chakra Balancing. Grateful each moment for the many facets of color and light Yoga continues to illuminate on her life, Lisa’s profound joy is to guide others in witnessing their own physical, emotional and spiritual light. Her style of teaching is very nurturing and loving with an innate sense of spirituality and humor. Combine that with personalized attention, alignment and guidance and we have a formula for success!  Lisa also infuses her creative background in art and design to develop unique themes and sequences for her students. She thanks all of her teachers, family, friends and students for their everlasting encouragement and support. They continue to inspire her to give back what Yoga has brought to her.

Taylor Pojero

A former dancer of ten years, Taylor discovered Yoga in 2011 as result of a spinal condition. She was instantly fascinated by the physical and mental nutritive capabilities of practicing, not only for herself but for others, leading her to receive her 200 hour certification from Yoga Alliance as a part of Tula Yoga’s first teacher training program in 2014.  A year later Taylor had the opportunity to fuse her dance background with yoga and Pilates as a Barre Instructor at Tula Yoga, allowing her to impart the years of wisdom from her dance training onto her students.  She continued to take her yoga practice to new heights in 2016 when she became a Certified Fly & Release Aerial Yoga Teacher.  With her understanding of core integration and a passion for sharing the joy that is the mind-body connection, Taylor’s classes focus on the foundation of a physical practice and build from there the body intelligence to access more advances asanas and exercises.  Alignment is essential in her teaching style but more so are smiles and open hearts.

Mary Felber

Mary came to yoga through her career in dance spanning 35 years. Being able to travel and see the world through performing, teaching and choreographing was a humble benefit of this life but there was a calling to allow her always moving and busy soul, to settle. After a second ankle surgery Mary began studying with Jennifer for her 200 YTT to learn how to stand, walk and balance again but she was gifted so much more. The concept of “no end goal” with yoga was a complete recalibration of the mind from dance. An instant facination and desire to go deeper within ignited a passion in Mary.  

She completed her 500YTT at Tula, became a certified Yin Yoga teacher and a Pilates Mat teacher. Her thorough knowledge of the body and  it’s working is integral to her philosophy that not one body is the same in structure nor in movement. Helping one to reveal the layers under the “armor” through yoga has become a core principle in Mary’s teaching. We can do anything we want, but we must do it as ourselves, our own light. 

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