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Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that focuses on strengthening the body, improving posture, mobility, and flexibility through a series of precise movements and breath control. Each class will work to balance all muscle groups’ strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles. The magic circle, theraband, small ball, and light weights may be added to increase strength and range of motion. Pilates is a gentle and effective way to create long, lean, and toned muscles.


This class is open to all levels. Exercises can be modified whether you’re a beginner or have any physical limitations, but can also be amplified if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

Mat Pilates

Our Signature Barre class is a total body workout done to energizing music combining Barre, Yoga and Pilates. This class blends the most effective exercises in sixty minutes to burn calories and tone your entire body. The ballet barre is used to support the body in small isometric movements that will lift your seat, firm your thighs and glutes. We will also use weights, resistance bands, and other props to sculpt your arms, abs, and create long lean muscles. Yoga and Pilates will be added to the routine to increase core strength, flexibility, posture and balance for a complete mind- body workout. You will leave feeling longer, stronger, and invigorated after each class.


Exercises can be modified whether you’re a beginner, pregnant or have an injury, but can also be amplified if you’re advanced and looking for more of a challenge.

Tula Barre

Haven’t tried Barre before?  This is the perfect place to start. This class is the same format as Tula barre but will focus more on form and technique. You will get the same benefits as the signature class but it will move at a slower pace allowing you to learn the basics.

Tula Barre Light



Students are encourged to sign up for class via MindBody prior to arriving at the studio. If you register for a class and then cannot make it, please cancel your reservation no later than 4 hours before class start time. Any no shows or late cancellations after the 4 hour window will be charged for the class they are registered for. Unlimited members will be charged $15. 

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