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Register as a certified Tula Instructor & join the growing community of graduates!

If you’ve graduated from one of our courses – 200 Hour Yoga Training or 300 Hour Advanced Training you’re welcome to join the Wellness Directory, and create a profile on our site. This profile will list your level of education with Tula, where you are, and how people can best connect with you.

We’ve created the Tula Wellness Directory to help people connect with our graduates and their unique offerings. Many of our graduates  are sharing yoga , meditation , reiki , nutrition , life coaching and many other healing modalities that are helping people all around the world.

As a Tula graduate, you’ve gained a unique set of skills. Whether you are sharing yoga , meditation, or helping others live more mindfully we are here to help you progress and connect with a wonderful community of people who are looking for your services.

Registration includes:

-Bio , photo , and contact link in the Tula Wellness directory (promoted through our website & social media) 
-Discount on Yoga insurance
-10% off class packages, membership, workshops, and teacher trainings at Tula
-Two continuing education workshops per year specifically created for you to advance your teaching as well as network & connect with other alumni



$65/Annual fee

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