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"Travelling is good for the mind, body, and soul. Travel often, and you'd be the richest man in the world." 


Join the Tula community on one of our next retreats! 

  Our retreats are an opportunity to explore new  places and cultures, connect with the community, eat healthy meals, and recharge on a vacation created to balance your body, mind, and soul.

What you can expect on a Tula Yoga retreat:?

Yoga, Meditation & Self discovery 

Practices throughout the week that will help you regulate your nervous system, connect to your body, quiet your mind, and come back to your true nature. Our classes are created for all levels of practice. Beginners are welcome. 



We include 1 or 2 group excursions so you can explore the local area and enjoy the culture. Sometimes this includes hikes, boat trips or local tours. 



Connect with like minded individuals and make new friends! Some people bring a friend or relative on the retreats , but many students travel solo on our retreats. 


Free time 

Space In the schedule to JUST BE. Take in the beautiful surroundings and have time for self reflection. You can choose to get spa treatments, relax at the beach,  or explore the local towns. 

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